Class Action & Consumer Protection

In our class action practice, Smith & Lowney challenges corporate misconduct on behalf of millions of consumers. We bring class actions in situations where individual litigation is impossible, such as where it is alleged that corporate defendants have stolen small sums from millions of consumers or have commited nationwide consumer fraud. we represent class action clients free of charge. in addition, when a case is settled, we ask the court to provide a monetary award to our clients to thank them for taking a stand on behalf of consumers. as part of our practice, we also "watchdog" other class action settlements and represent clients in opposing unfair or inadequate class settlements. 

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The following are representative cases:

Kosher Fraud Litigation
Brought nationwide class action against one of the nation's largest food companies alleging that certain kosher-certified products failed to adhere to kosher manufacturing standards. The nationwide settlement required the defendant to provide $2.5 million in cash and food products to food banks, Jewish charities and consumer organizations. We are proud to have successfully litigated the first nationwide consumer class action alleging kosher fraud. 

Rosted v. First USA Bank, et al.
Brought nationwide class action against one of the largest credit card issuers for falsely claiming that their cards had a "fixed rate" when in fact most rates would automatically escalate. Obtained nationwide settlement that included injunctive relief and provided financial awards to millions of consumers. 

Thomas v. Albertson’s Inc.; Dolin, et al., v. Safeway inc.; Krupp, et al., v. Kroger Co.
Brought nationwide class actions against the nation’s largest three grocery store chains for failing to label the artificial coloring in their farmed salmon. These chains operate over 6,000 grocery stores. Suit resulted in a firestorm of media attention across the nation. Within several weeks, Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons and others began labeling the color additives in their farmed salmon. 

Campbell. v. Airtouch Cellular / Lindenauer. v. Airtouch Cellular.
Successfully opposed nationwide settlement of consumer class action brought against nation's largest wireless carrier (Verizon, inc.). The settlement would have provided no meaningful benefit to customers. After original settlement was rejected, our firm participated in mediations with Verizon, significantly strengthening the settlement and more than doubling its value to consumers. 

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